Passionate. Dedicated. Determined.

An Ally For Exploited Or Injured Californians

At The Agadzhanyan Firm, P.C., I represent Californians who have suffered a personal injury due to another’s actions or negligence, and those who have been harassed, discriminated against, or exploited in the workplace. I work closely with my clients to develop a thorough understanding of their situation and to build the trust necessary to aggressively advance their case.

Even if your claim appears difficult to prove, I encourage you to contact me. I have the knowledge and diligence to analyze the harm done to you, and can create a strong legal position from which I can argue for your compensation. From my office in Glendale, I serve clients in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Riverside County.

A Fierce Commitment To Workers’ Rights

Today’s employees face a range of challenges in the workplace, from sexual harassment to elimination of mandatory break times and wage theft. Your occupation, national origin or primary language should not prevent you from seeking justice if you have been harmed or exploited at your job. I practice employment law with tenacity, adaptability, and a fierce commitment to your rights.

Fighting For Your Health And Future

A personal injury is never expected, but all too often, it can upend your life, health and finances. When insurance companies refuse to evaluate your case or propose inadequate settlements, they are denying you the compensation you need to restore your mental, physical and economic well-being. I will take your fight to the courtroom while you focus on recovering and rebuilding your future.

Don’t Settle For Injustice

For a versatile, passionate and dedicated ally, contact The Agadzhanyan Firm, P.C.. I am prepared to advance your employment law or personal injury claim, and will not settle for compensation that neglects your needs or compromises that ignore your rights. To schedule a free consultation, call 213-295-5555 or complete my online form. I take all cases on a contingency basis and will only collect payment if you win.